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Apartments House of Art are part of the collection of the finest independent Luxury apartments in the region

Design and comfort are perfectly combined here, because I care about your well-being. 

All the materials used for house decoration are environment friendly.

Luxury Rooms

My visitors expect nothing less but luxurious stay and premium feel.

Private Parking

Reserved parking place is standard in my offer for every guest.

Free Wi-fi Zone

Free Wi-Fi available for all guests.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning available to all guests.


The Village of Sabunike

 The Vacation Village of Sabunike is a small seaside resort located 18 km from Zadar and 2 km from the Town of Nin, known for its rich cultural history.

This destination is very attractive for families with children because of the long sandy beach and its dunes and lagoons.  The clean, shallow water and fine sand of the 4 km long sandy Queen’s Beach is a real pleasure.

If you are looking to spend holidays in a quiet and pleasant place, on the sandy beaches with a nice entrance into the sea, you are in the right place.

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Beautiful Sea Nearby

A famous Queen's Beach, 4 km long, that connects the village of Sabunike and the Town of Nin.

The Fishing village of Privlaka

Beautiful fishing port in the village of Privlaka, where you can enjoy the clear sea and beautiful sunsets.


Ideal conditions for water sports such as Kite boarding. Enjoy the waves...


- try something new & exciting -

Discover the beautiful beaches nearby, Enjoy their unreal Natural Beauty and the Clear Blue Sea

Experience an adventure on an Excursion to the Kornati Islands – Croatia’s Nautical Paradise

After visiting this Natural Wonder, you will really have something unforgettable to remember…

 The exceptional natural beauty of The Plitvice Lakes  has always attracted Nature Lovers

Exploring Croatia and not visiting the Island of Pag is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower

Muskovci, beautiful excursion on the Zrmanja River, where all dreams come true – Don’t miss it

Sports Activities

 The Queen’s beach warm sand is perfect for all kinds of recreational activity. You can play beach volleyball, enjoy sea activities, or just walk along the sea. Have fun competing with your family and friends under the sun!

Experience the liberating feeling in a kayak, on a bike or on a surfboard … while enjoying the beauty of the waves and Velebit Mountain!

True Adventures

True Adventure


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Kayak Rental in The House of Art

  • Admire the view of the mountain Velebit while paddling across the sea in your kayak
  • Pack your kayak and go on a day trip to South Velebit – Muskovci

True Adventure


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Daily Bike Tours

  • The trail is varied and is a combination of field trails, ideal for mountain bikes, and asphalt roads so that everyone can find their ideal trail for themselves. 
  • The 14 top MTB rides around Privlaka

True Adventure


Fitness Center


Accept the Challenge


  •  “If we always do the same things, we can not expect different results” … Albert  Einstein
  • Personal trainer Tilen Urnaut ( University of Paris – Physical preparation, nutrition and well-being) can make for you a Program of Exercises and Nutrition adapted to your abilities during your stay – at your request


Zadar is a city of romance and love, as well as a place of passion and spirit! This is a town that does not mind exploring new art forms and ideas to enrich its extraordinary setting and complement its grand physique. Zadar is both a peaceful community and a dynamic modern centre that greets everyone with open arms and leaves a lasting mark on every enamoured visitor!  

Vine Tasting

Royal Vineyards of Petrcane 

The vineyard stretches 1km in width, 8m above the sea and up to 43m above sea level altitude.

On the picturesque hills above Petrčane and Punta Skala the vineyards were erected in the extreme conditions, on the rocky soil with an optimum slope towards southwest and with constant circulation of the air, from the sea and as well from Velebit.

Top quality grapes from the stone vineyards and excellent taste of wines are the results of a special microclimate, its position by the sea and a full day of direct sun exposure, on average 2600 hours per year.


Therapeutic mud in NIN

Food & wine

Croatian local products such as OLIVE OIL, HONEY and CHEESE are part of the Traditional Croatian Gastronomic stage, and lead you to a truly behind-the-scenes experience. Our tastings come alive with the curious stories and culture backing them for centuries.

Homemade olive oil from local producers

Homemade Honey from local producers

World-famous cheese from the Island of PAG – Gligora Cheese Factory

Enjoy unforgettable experiences in a large selection of events that will satisfy all your curiosity during your stay!



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